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The Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation, a Community Futures Development Corporation, was incorporated in 1992. Nord-Aski is a combination of the French word 'Nord' which means North and the word 'Aski' which means Land in Oji-cree. 


Our main focus is assisting northern and rural communities to strengthen and diversify their local economies by creating new jobs and maintaining existing employment levels.


Nord-Aski REDC, as an economic development entity, plays a vital role in promoting economic growth in four Northeastern Ontario municipalities along Highways 11 and 631. The communities we service are: Constance Lake First Nation, the Town of Hearst, the Township of Hornepayne, the Municipality of Mattice-Val Côté and the Unincorporated Territories.  The region covers approximately 25,900 square kilometers.  




Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation will anticipate, monitor, coordinate and facilitate community economic development in partnership with other community stakeholders by promoting the utilization of all available resources in the regions of Constance Lake First Nation, Hearst, Hornepayne, Mattice-Val Côté and the Unincorporated Territories.




To create and promote community economic development opportunities in the Nord-Aski region by seeking ideas from the community about how to achieve economic stability, recovery, growth and diversification and conducting studies and research on local economy and identifying community economic development needs.

To initiate and promote community economic development programs that:

  • Assist and encourage entrepreneurs to start-up a business or expand existing businesses;

  • Provide technical advice (updated continuously) and assistance such as information on communities, statistics and studies.


To promote 100% employment growth by:


  • Increasing resources in the Nord-Aski region;

  • Retaining resources that are leaving the Nord-Aski region;

  • Promoting entrepreneurial spirit by creating strong partnerships with regional community stakeholders;

  • Monitoring and increasing employment opportunities to be located in the Nord-Aski region.

To encourage all economic development opportunities in all sectors, including tourism by:

  • Working in partnership with community regional stakeholders;

  • Promoting the cultural diversification in the Nord-Aski region.


To anticipate future changes so that the communities are prepared to deal with them by:


  • Assessing the impact of those changes in the local and regional economy;

  • Seeking community input to build a regional vision for the Nord-Aski region.


To undertake efforts to ensure that all participating communities are served equally by the Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation


Do you wish to contribute to the development of the economic activity in our area? We are on the constant lookout for dedicated, energetic, forward thinking individuals to sit on our Board of Directors.  If you would like to add your name to our list of interested candidates, please click here.

Thank you for your interest.

George Graham, Chairperson

We assist entrepreneurs who are reviewing their marketing and business plans and we provide counselling on most business related issues such as human and financial resources management.  We also provide information on government assistance programs and can help with applications. These services are aimed at providing preliminary assistance that enables clients to then proceed with their own business planning or move on to acquiring professional consultants as needed.




Gilles Matko

Executive Director

Lena Callewaert

Project Officer

Josée Vachon

Finance Officer

Board of Directors

Chairperson - George Graham
1st Vice-Chairperson - Gaëtan Baillargeon
2nd Vice-Chairperson - Laureen Stefanic
Treasurer - Joyce Malenfant

Director - Pierre Brochu

Director - Annabelle Roy-Guilmette

Director - Vacant

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