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Supporting Entrepreneurs
for over 30 years.

Starting a business is hard. Keeping one going is even harder.
Your success is our number one priority.

We mean business!

Your Regional Community Futures Development Corporation



 We're a not-for-profit organization. Our success is based on your success. We’re not here to make money. Our main goal is the creation and maintenance of jobs.  We achieve this by investing in local businesses. 

Funding Opportunities

Funding is available for new and existing businesses. It may be hard to navigate through what may be applicable to your business so it is recommended that you get in touch with perspective agencies
ver the phone.


Assistance is available to our member communities and partners who plan to undertake CED & Community Strategic Planning projects. We are an active player and we can provide our expertise in economic development.

Business Toolkit

Starting a business involves being brutally honest about your strengths and weaknesses. This Business Toolkit will guide you through a self-evaluation and help you to understand and assess your business idea.

Nord-Aski is a combination of the French word 'Nord' which means North and the word 'Aski' which refers to Land in Oji-cree.


Our primary objective is assisting northern and rural communities to strengthen and diversify their local economies by creating new jobs and maintaining existing employment levels.

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